Tridium Web Integration

The Niagara Framework can be described as a foundational structure for organizing various control systems, irrespective of their protocol or manufacturer.

Open connectivity

Regardless of protocol or platform, the Niagara Framework connects to anything. Allowing users to easily control temperature, schedules, trends, activity, and access with point-and-click commands, while also receiving service alarms via email, pagers, or cell phones.

Open ingenuity

Our technology is customizable without restrictions or limitations, allowing users and developers to add or expand Niagara’s capabilities. That’s a powerful differentiator, giving customers access to our partners’ experience and ideas, along with an extensive driver library.

Open choice

 Niagara’s maximum flexibility enables systems integrators, developers and end users to work with any vendor, build on existing systems and preserve legacy investments.


It's all about comfort.

Our name says it all. If you don't have CONTROL, you and your staff won't be comfortable.


Digital & Pneumatic Control

HVAC Integration

Energy Management

Heating Plumbing Boilers

Air Conditioning

Process Cooling

Radiant Heat



Backflow Preventer

Testing & Balancing

Unlimited Burners & Flame

Safeguard Controls

Electrical Service and Installation


Commercial Buildings





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